Each batch of Zoar Tapatree syrup receives a taste test from our discerning tasters. Their notes are recorded here.

Tastings and treasures

The tastes are in, and here are the profiles for the 2016 spring line of whole maple syrups! 2016 Zoar Tapatree Co. Syrup Profiles: This year the weather was wild and the syrups capture that crazy up and down! Overall, the batches represent much darker, spicier...

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Spring syrups…delicious!

Paul is busy finishing the late syrups, but we have multiple reviews for the majority of the spring season. What are your favorites? The buttery tones, vanilla, honey-citrus? Each small batch presents a unique experience for your palate. These are our taste impressions—make sure you send us yours!

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Spoons down!

Spoons down! Yesterday marked the last numbered batch of syrup heading into Zoar Tapatree bottles…#20. It would have been lucky batch #21, but we couldn’t bear to have a #13, so there you go! Where is that thirteenth batch? It was collected and finished on a full...

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Small Batches, Big Taste

Tucked in at the edge of the snowy Tug Hill Plateau and situated upon deep limestone beds, we believe you’ll taste the difference the terroir of our forests makes to the end product. Consequently, we wanted to give our own taste impressions of each batch, and we’d love to hear what your buds report, as well!

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Taste test # 106

She pronounced Batch #1 as having a light, toasted nutty flavor with a lot of depth; Batch #2 as a bold, sweet syrup with a thicker body. Batch #3 is cooling now, so you’ll have to wait for a Jeri Analysis on that one… The kids were divided.

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