The Tapatree blog is a forum for an amalgam of interests in our little community of Zoar Road, Rodman, New York, presently centered on crafting small batches of seasonal syrups, both Northern Black Walnut and Sugar Maple.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We are sitting in our warm homes before hot fires while the white fluffy stuff settles in rapidly around us. Ella has been on her two favorite Snow Day Predictor sites and it looks like either a 71% chance of a snow delay, or 99% chance of a second snow day this week. She’s going with her favorite – the second site.

Decking the Halls

I am hopeful that on Sunday night we will all be able to sit in front of a lit tree and a warm fire—that is the ultimate seasonal reward.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

There certainly is a surge of love and a watershed of generosity this time of year. Our Tapatree suggestion?…a beautiful gift that is handcrafted and also supports the creative spirit of your hometown can be a triple gift—thoughtful, ecologically sound (less transportation cost!), and supportive of the arts in your neck of the woods!

A Trip to The Outhouse Farm

I was thinking Marketing might better have been consulted when I first heard that our Thanksgiving dinner was residing at Outhouse Farm in Waddington, New York, but I was undeterred. Nothing was getting between me and a Midget White heritage breed turkey this year—least of all a farm name.

Gobble, gobble

I haven’t been entirely unthinking about the selection of our Thanksgiving bird. It needs to be tasty. It should be wholesome (read: not filled with saline, hormones and antibiotics). I’d like to think it should have had a pleasant life.

Woodpiles and hibernation

As I stacked wood this morning, I was recounting the weekend and counting blessings (and dogs because they kept inserting themselves between me and the woodpile).

Welcome to Zoar Tapatree

Zoar Tapatree is an idea that germinated around a festive dinner table in the dead of winter and blossomed with a sprinkle of the heady optimism only achieved by those suffering with prolonged cabin fever. What, say you, is Zoar Tapatree? It is a forum for an amalgam...

Seasonal syrups…never heard of them? Neither had we!

Paul Haldeman’s sensitivity to the seasons and his constant attention to trees led him to the realization that with our ever moderating winter temperatures, sap was flowing in appreciable amounts during three discrete periods: In the fall, as we transition to winter;...


Apples…why is Tapatree posting APPLE photos while gearing up for tapping? No, we’re not tapping apple trees—they’re just so prolific on our farms, and so fabulous, they’re along for the ride. The Tapatree farms have been cultivated and lived on by non-native settlers...

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