The Tapatree blog is a forum for an amalgam of interests in our little community of Zoar Road, Rodman, New York, presently centered on crafting small batches of seasonal syrups, both Northern Black Walnut and Sugar Maple.

Waning days of November

November proved warmer than typical which has been much appreciated–a lot of good work was accomplished. We’ve not had beavers in the pond before, and their arrival was quite thrilling for some of us.

Reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic

The power of community has also stepped in on Zoar Road to try to protect its character and quality, including (but certainly not limited to) saving an historic school house on our road. Sadly, the school (which we believe was constructed in the 1870s to replace an earlier structure), will likely soon be in the shadow of a large manure storage facility being constructed by a regional dairy CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation).


July! How it got here, we will never know (but it likely had something to do with logging 30 days in June)... This Independence Day weekend saw the official, official end to Paul's asparagus season (so sorry, adoring asparagus eating friends!), and it meant that the...

Maple Lemonade, Infused with Fresh Mint

Thank you to Chef Boo Wells for this amazingly delicious treat! To make one gallon of this refreshing, sipping lemonade... 10-cups cold water 4-cups freshly squeezed lemon juice 2-cups (one pint) Tapatree maple syrup 1-cup granulated sugar 2-lemons, thinly sliced,...

Spring syrups…delicious!

Paul is busy finishing the late syrups, but we have multiple reviews for the majority of the spring season. What are your favorites? The buttery tones, vanilla, honey-citrus? Each small batch presents a unique experience for your palate. These are our taste impressions—make sure you send us yours!

Meet your trees, meet your syrup~

As people who make syrup, we are interested in tasting syrup from other syrup makers and learning about their operations. What has been a bit of an eye-opener, however, are the realities of locating those people or relating to the processes taking over the craft....


We’ve received over seven feet of new snow, we’re soaking in subzero temperatures, and December taps set chest-high are now below the snow line requiring us to dig out drop lines and buckets. All part of life on Zoar Road!

The most maple-y maple, please!

Over the spring and summer, we participated in two fabulous fairs in Sharon Springs, New York. There we were regularly challenged by our prospective customers to select for them “the most maple-y maple” syrup we had available. I had to laugh and have them taste several batches to make my point…honestly, I am not even sure what “maple” means anymore!

Songs, Stars and Soil

Quite a weekend here in the North Country! Friday was a congenial evening enjoying the beautiful music of Quill & Plow at the Barley Pub, and ended stretched out with a cat and a friend on a blanket watching the Milky Way and fireflies darting through the pasture. Saturday was spent working around the farms and adjourned in front of a bonfire with some good reading and conversation.

Lush Days of Summer

Paul has finished with his asparagus harvest, and just brought the brush hog over to mow trails and take a few sweeps by the baby black walnut trees.

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